In my home studio, some time in 2012

I am an abstract artist from Edinburgh, Scotland. Although trained as an illustrator and designer, my first love has always been painting. I've been creating and showing my art for over a decade.

My work takes an autobiographical approach to abstraction. I begin each of my paintings with the intent of representing the emotions and thoughts particular to a specific moment of my life. These emotions and thoughts are expressed through the use of a variety of materials and by using a limited colour palette. Once the initial marks have been made, I then allow my movements and materials to dictate the ebb and flow of each piece.

When making my paintings, I closet myself in my studio. I limit outside influences by always listening to music loudly on earphones. I bring my full awareness to my work, focussing on both its emotional content and my materials.

Music plays a very important role in the creation of my pieces. While I use its volume as a barrier to outside influences, its content serves a much different purpose. I choose a soundtrack for each painting session to provide both momentum and inspiration, as well as to echo or amplify the emotional content I seeks to produce. The rhythm of the music means I am rarely still while I paint.
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