Stewart Bremner is an abstract artist from Edinburgh, Scotland. Although trained as an illustrator and designer, Stewart’s first love has always been painting. He has been creating and showing his art for over a decade.

Stewart’s work takes an autobiographical approach to abstraction. He begins each of his paintings with the intent of representing the emotions and thoughts particular to a specific moment of his life. These emotions and thoughts are expressed through the use of a variety of materials and by using a limited colour pallette. Once the initial marks have been made, he then allows his movements and materials to dictate the ebb and flow of each piece.

When making his paintings, Stewart closets himself in his studio. He closes all of his doors and covers the windows with a plastic that obscures the world outside, while at the same time allowing daylight through. He further limits outside influences by always listening to music loudly on earphones. In this manner, he is able to bring his full awareness to his work, focussing on both its emotional content and his materials.

Music plays a very important role in the creation of his pieces. While he uses its volume as a barrier to outside influences, its content serves a much different purpose. He chooses a soundtrack for each painting session to provide both momentum and inspiration, as well as to echo or amplify the emotional content he seeks to produce. The rhythm of the music means he is rarely still while he paints.